Jean Capps “God’s Got your Number ” is a remarkable book about the real life , super natural working power of God’s miracles. A must read for anyone who is a little short on faith, or anyone who loves to hear about God’s working power in the ordinary circumstances of an ex ordinary day. I know, because I was a witness.

Judy Williams
A miraculous story about a near death experience that was unquestionably navigated by God to show His very keen interest in even the smallest details. The struggles of this young man and the unfathomable peace that permeated his family will leave you inspired and marveling at the continuous presence of Our Great Physician.

David Blanton
If you are not sure that God is still in the miracle business, or your faith needs a boost, then this book is for you! You will be confronted with the clear, compelling story of how God intervened in two lives at a fateful turn, and how many lives have been transformed as a result. Be forewarned: reading this story may end up changing you as well.

Dr Tom Chambers
Awesome walk through a life threatening experience and the visible touches God provides along the road to recovery….No doubt that GOD was THERE. This story will be repeated often because of this knowledge and how HE makes a difference “through it all”. It captures the walk through trauma and the peace of GOD through dark times !

Evelyn Walton
I have just finished this book, from page 1 I could not put it down, I read a lot of books and I can honestly say this is one of the best that I have read in a long time. My Husband who does not read at all had started reading and has said he also thinks it’s a good read.

Jean Waters
Love the book. First time I've ever shed tears over a book. Hope they make a movie! I could write a whole page on how your witness has impacted thousands of people and how God is working through you. It could be felt by us in such a real and wonderful way. 

Ellon Fant
This is an awesome book and everyone needs to read it! I guarantee you will receive a blessing by reading it! 

Amanda Wright Richardson
This book is such an Amazing story that I can't even put into words how it has touched my life. If you read any book soon other than your Bible trust me this one here is one that you will be so glad that you did. I never put it down til I finished…in 1 day!

Shari Hague 
I am so deeply moved by this, hearing parts of this journey from you and Brandon directly, especially after having read your book. I had a hard time putting your book down, and did now and then, only to thank God for His miracles along the way. Your book has truly changed my life in the most amazing ways. God knows the strength and the Faith that your family has. Only God could have had this perfect plan, for all of you and for all of the lives you touch. Praise be to God!!! Thank you for sharing this journey, and for reminding so many, that God is REAL and we must never give up, and NEVER walk without GOD.

Alysa Rushton Alban
This is such an empowering book! I want everyone to read it!

Ragan Pat Vandegriff 
Such a wonderful, inspiring book! It will be a tremendous witness in the lives of so many!! What an amazing God we serve!