About The Book


Every parent’s worst fear is getting the phone call, “Your child has been in an accident, and it’s not looking good.”

God’s Got Your Number is a true story about the journey the Lewis family took after receiving such a call. Brandon Lewis was involved in a horrific dirt bike accident that nearly killed him and his friend Bradley. While the narrative revolves around the collision, the surgeries and the struggles of the recovery, it is more about the miracles and peace that God constantly provided throughout this storm. God used a small country church, nurses and doctors, friends and family, miracle after miracle, and Brandon’s favorite number to demonstrate His power, His love, and the fact that He has Brandon’s number. You will see how God lovingly ministered to Brandon, Bradley, the Lewis family, and everyone else around them even in the valley of the shadow of death. “Peace that passes understanding” was taken to a new level for the Lewises. This book will make you laugh, cry, and become inspired as you walk this road with them. You will be reminded of how precious and fragile life is, how much family really means, and more importantly how we should never take one moment of our life for granted.